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About Bruce

   First I'm a husband, dad and, as of April 22, grandpa -- and let me tell you, for those of us who are not blessed to be the bearers, there's not much better than holding a 2-hour-old granddaughter in your arms!

    After that comes the musician -- songwriter, guitarist, singer, recordist...

    Followed by, in no particular order: cook and foodie, history buff, arts and sports fan (all kinds of both), native Northwesterner, Seattlite, unabashed blue-state liberal, and what else?...

    Then there's my day job: Web Manager of the City of Seattle's award winning site, I'm one of those lucky souls that gets to pay the mortgage doing work I like with people I admire and enjoy, while actually contributing to the general well being of my community. This is no small blessing!

    So, greetings! I'm Bruce Blood and this is my web site. Feel free to drop me a line any time. I'm glad you found your way here, and I hope you'll come back!

Best, -BB