Marty's Tree R. Martin Clements
pen & ink 1977
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Studio: RMC Recoding

What began as a way for me to record my own songs on my own terms and at my own rate, has evolved into something additional -- a bona fide "project" recording studio.
   When I first dove into the world of engineering recorded sound I really didn't have any idea that I'd enjoy that part of the process so much. I'd always thought about being able to arrange and produce my music somewhere close to how I hear it in my head. I discovered that the art of capturing, editing and mixing sound is easily as importantů and fascinating.
   Hence RMC Recording!

Now, five years after finally acquiring the recording rig, if not of my dreams, at least of my relentless planning, I find myself the proprietor of a versatile, well-equipped, professional recording service.
   This year has seen the completion of the first complete albums produced here at RMC, Your Window by Athena, and Jeanna Bean Veatch's Jumping Bean, and I'm excited about several additional projects now in progress. I'm eager to do more!
   Between my two ProTools/MAC-based systems I am able to record up to 16 simultaneous channels in the studio and 4 almost anywhere. RMC Recording is equipped to track solo acts, small groups and larger bands, but being one myself, I particularly enjoy working with acoustic-toting, singer-songwriters. On the other hand, I love to crank up the noise sometimes, too!

Should you be interested in the services of RMC Recording, shoot me an email and I'll be pleased to talk it over with you.

Why RMC Recording?

R. Martin Clements... Marty... simply, one of my best and closest friends. A fine, versatile actor, artist, former roommate, fellow denizen of geekdom, music lover, philosopher, relentless nemesis at any kind of game, brother-from-a-different-mother, and oh, by the way, more-or-less official fifth member of the Blood clan. My wife, Rita, and daughters, Jeanne and Erin, and I all shared a unprecedented bond with Marty.
   In February, 1998, on the way to appear in a play, Marty was killed by a drunk driver not far from his home in Douglas, Alaska. We still miss him... a lot!

So it's RMC Recording in honor and memory of R. Martin Clements. Marty's place...