Bruce Blood
People & Picks
Here are a few people and things I think you might want to know about. Many of these folks are friends. Others I simply admire for one reason or another. Sprinkled amongst the humans is some of the other, less animate, stuff that make my life tuneful, interesting, flavorful, etc. -- i.e. generally worth living.

Susan Anders Susan Anders
Prodigious songwriter, singer, guitarist, recording artist, teacher and creator of a wonderful series of instructional books/CDs for vocalists. - Joe Vinikow
Looking for a vintage Gibson, Epiphone or Vega archtop? This is the place! Joe knows AND plays what he sells.  Swing meister, songwriter, band leader, Guitar Camper and teacher (Guitar for Grownups).
Duffy Bishop Duffy Bishop
Simply put, as fine a singer as has ever called the Northwest home. Live-show dynamo, songwriter, visual artist, recording artist, great taste in side-men (especially guitar players!), Guitar Outlaw (Wanda/Mary) and "Auntie Duffy" to the kids!
Blood & Biscotti Blood & Biscotti
Yep, that's me and the guy I've know the longest -- at least that I still speak to! Two guitars, two voices and double-hands-full of original Northwest songs. Let me just say, we've been playing together a loooooong time!
<strong>Brian Butler</strong> Brian Butler
Long-time Northwest blues scene fixture whose easy going presence belies the intesity in his voice and guitar. Always remembers the "rhythm" in R&B. A true pleasure to play with or hear.
Roseanne Cash Roseanne Cash
While she remains a stunningly great writer, her latest, The List, has it's genesis ia a list of "100 Essential Country Songs" that her Daddy gave her when he discoverd a gap or two in her education.
Nancy K. Dillon Nancy K. Dillon
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, Oklahoma/Seattle cowgirl, Guitar Camper, recording artist, collage artist, and sister Rhythm Pup in another life. Just Let Me Dream topped my album list for 2004 and is still in heavy rotation on my iPod!
Bronwyn Edwards Cryer Bronwyn Edwards Cryer
Songwriter, pianist, singer, performer, arranger, band leader, and hub (Band Mother or "B-Mo" is her handle) of a spectacular, amorphous, elastic band of players -- one of them me! And that's just for starters... Incapable of sitting still!
Bob Franke Bob Franke
Troubador, philosopher, songwriters' songwriter, recording artist, Guitar Camper, Linux evangelist, guitar slinger and teacher -- more than a few on this list have been inspired by Bob's workshops.
Jimmie Dale Gilmore Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Unforgettable voice, Texas troubador, philosopher, Flatlander, recording artist, and one of the sweetest guys you'd ever want to meet.
Clive Gregson Clive Gregson
Songsmith, singer, guitar slinger (knows all the licks!), recordist, Man U fanatic, Richard Thompson & Nanci Griffith sideguy, teacher, Guitar Camper. Easily, my favorite five-decades-of-rock'n'roll-all-night-jam partner!
Nanci Griffith Nanci Griffith
As is probably obvious, I'm partial to those artists who somehow manage to have substantial careers just outside of the mainstream. Nanci's a poster child. A career's worth of great songs, records and live shows... rarely, if ever, near the top 10. Beautiful!
Guitar Outlaws Guitar Outlaws
Somewhere back in the late 80's Chris Carlson & Carl Sander bought me a beer at the Buckaroo and said, "We're gonna produce an opera... a TAVERN OPERA! Wanna Help?" Well, sure! Soon thereafter came the Christmas Chorale. Twenty-some years later we're still doing them!
Susan Harper Conspiracy Susan Harper Conspiracy
Compelling originals, hot vocals, a cracker-jack band in two version (acoustic & electric), and I get to play lead guitar... Hard to ask for more!
Orville Johnson Orville Johnson
Truly one of the greats on dobro... but then there's not much OJ can't do with ANY fretted instrument. And oh my, can he sing!   King of Mongrel FolkTM, recording artist, producer, first-call sideman, ear-candy on countless records, Guitar Outlaw, and guy I least mind being mistaken for!
Mark Knopfler Mark Knopfler
Master guitarist, songwriter, singer and colaborator. From "Sultans of Swing" through Brothers in Arms to 2006's All the Roadrunning with Emmylou Harris, Mr. K. has mixed his wry take on the commonplace with an unmistakable sound to conjure one compelling album after another.
John Knowles John Knowles
Fingerstyle master, teacher, creator of John Knowles Fingerstyle Quarterly, Nashville icon, Guitar Camper, writer, arranger, producer, and keeper of Chet's flame. There's little I enjoy more than sitting at the kitchen table with John and couple of guitars!
Alison Kraus Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas
What can I say? I'm just a really big fan of AKUS. Great voice, great players/band (the one doesn't always guarantee the other), great taste in tunes, great approach to the business. These folks do it right!
Tom Manche Tom Manche
Guitarist, songwriter, producer, engineer, recording artist, studio owner/operator and role model. About 5 minutes after Susan Anders (see above) introduced herself one year at PSGW, she said, "You need to meet my husband." She was right!
Suze Spencer Marshall Suze Spencer Marshall
Singer, chord chopper extraordinaire, "Wall of Wood" mainstay, Suze is the heiress and flamekeeper of the legendary Sons of the Pioneers. If you love cowboy music Tall Boots is a must -- if you don't, it'll convert ya!
Motherlode Motherlode
Nan Collie, Marie Eaton, Kathleen Fallon & Janet Peterson: singers, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, bandmates for over 25 years, possessed of too many talents and accomplishments to list... and very simply, one of my favorite bands and four of my favorite people, anywhere.
Northwest Writers' Weekend Northwest Writers' Weekend
Poetry, creative non-fiction, and songwriting. A weekend to chase your muse without distraction or guilt.
Pilgrim Firs Camp & Conference Center Pilgrim Firs Camp & Conference Center
A stunningly beautiful slice of the Northwest.
Puget Sound Guitar Workshop Puget Sound Guitar Workshop
Two words: Guitar Heaven!
Dana Rice Dana Rice
Actress, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, writer, web developer/manager/theorist, ethicist and conscience. Kid sister from a different mother.
Darrell Scott Darrell Scott
Prodigious songwriter, picker and singer -- one of those Nashville guys who can make a living, soul intact. Had the good taste to get my buddy John Condon to run his record label, Full Light Records.
Richard Thompson Richard Thompson
Might be my favorite guitarist. Certainly one of my favorite songwriters. If you know about him, you understand what I mean. If you don't, do NOT pass GO... check him out!
Anne Weiss Anne Weiss
Powerhouse singer, songwriter, guitar slinger, recording artist, blues mama, teacher, Guitar Camper and Energizer bunny. Truly a force of nature!
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
New songs that sound timeless, sibling-tight harmonies, rock-steady rhythm, and beautiful, haunting leads coaxed from an ancient Epiphone Olympic. Here's a little secret: their live show rocks hard enough for dancing!