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Top on my list of news: after 30+ years doing all sorts of technology for the City of Seattle, on January 6, I took my pension and retired. I am now a FULL-TIME MUSICIAN! Yes, folks, dreams can come true!

So what does that mean?

Regular gigging with...
bloodband - the "large" combo featuring my songs, Janet and The CurMudgeons - the jazz trio I share with Janet Mudge and Robin McGillveray and various other solo, smaller group, and side-guy gigs. See the FEATURES sidebar on the right.

I've totally updated my recording rig with new microphones, equipment and software, and I'm ready to roll! I'll be tracking my own tunes, and am available to produce and engineer other projects at very reasonable rates. Contact me at

A BandCamp site...
Where you'll be able to hear and purchase my recordings, coming soon.

And more...

Cheers! -BB 4/1/17

Janet & the CurMudgeons house concert w/Honeyville Rascals
7:00 PM, 4/29/17