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It's the way of the world, at least in my life: I mosey along for a goodly while with not much happening musically, then all of a sudden I'm connonballing back into the pool. Here's a quick update on what's going on:

First, I have a brand new tune to share. I wrote Mambo Moon as a personal challenge starting on the first day Week 2 of this year's Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, to have something for one of my favorite people, Nova Karina Devonie, to play at the Student Concert 5 nights later. I enlisted old friends (Ron Peters, Mimi Hills, Ron Dalton) and new (Annie Staninec, Elian Carbone) to channel their inner voodoo, and the ace PSGW sound crew (Coty Hogue, Chip Hayward, Pete Swensson) captured it all. I'm amazed how well it turned out and much honored by my buddies' contributions. Please have a listen!

And there will be shows this Fall!
For starters, I'll be joining Susan Harper at the Sustainable Ballard Festival on September 29. I'm thinking there'll be more gigs with Susan as the Fall unfolds.

Next, my great friend Larry Johnson and I are finalizing a couple of duo dates, likely in November. These are sure to be great fun. Stay tuned dates and locations!

And then there's something called Do the Math -- a new band with the aforementioned Ron Dalton, Erin Blood, and a rotating gang of hot shots. Bruce's tunes, Ron's tunes, a few choice covers; tunes with a beat! Acoustic rhythm music, if you will. Look for us early in the new year.

Finally, the infamous Guitar Outlaws will invade the Eastlake Zoo on Sunday, December 22 for their 2046th annual Christmas Chorale. Mark your calendars now! "It ain't Christmas till the Outlaws ride!"

More soon. I promise! -BB 9/2/13

BB & Friends at PSGW

Mambo Moon